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In the future, there will be a significant need of new raw materials. 

STEP Consulting wants to offer for this need a business minded, creative and innovative solution.

For this purpose, waste will be used and, preferably, renewable energy will be used to produce these new raw materials. Often a synergy will be made with one or more partners at home and abroad.

In addition to creating a circular economy, STEP is active in general management and sales.


The creation of a circular economy and new raw materials form the basis of the activities of STEP BVBA.

Generally STEP provides its services in Europe. Other regions can be viewed depending on the demand.

In addition, assisting sales activities, general management, .... will be activities which STEP can be also at your service.

Customers with which STEP comes into contact are very diverse and have often to deal with non-hazardous waste.

In many segments of the waste recycling STEP can be an interesting partner.

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